Deploying Reports in Reporting Services Programmatically

October 18, 2009

May be it’s my bad luck may be something else, but I didn’t find a complete post how to deploy Reports, and Data Sources in Reporting Services in away like BIDS.

First it’s a tool I developed to automate the deployment of BI solution (Creating Data warehouse, installing SSIS packages, creating Jobs, create Cubes and installing reports on Reporting Services Server).

If you don’t have time to read and just need to download the tool, here you’re
Source Code

Herein, I’ll talk about the last thing which is deploying reports.

P.S: It’s my way in designing such task (Installing reports on Reporting Services Server) and it’s not standard or anything else just (follow your heart :))

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Pilot-View on Microsoft Gemini 1

September 12, 2009

I’ll take in somehow big series about Microsoft Gemini and its features, I found it great very fast while loading big dataset and also I submit bug once it occurs.

I’ll talk in this post about Load & Prepare Data (From Database) in Microsoft Gemini…

First, you should have Microsoft Excel 2010 Technical Preview (until now 12-9-2009) which in Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview, don’t you know what’s Gemini check this

First, let’s install Gemini as it’s not by default installed on Excel 2010

Gemini2If you download it from Microsoft Connect, it comes with two client versions, x64 and x86 choose which fits your processor architecture.

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Overview of Gemini features

August 25, 2009

From Microsoft Gemini team blog

The key question behind Gemini is: how much value can an Excel user derive from Microsoft’s BI stack without having to pick up a book on OLAP, Dimensional Modeling or Analysis Services?

More on

Integrating SSIS with C# to deliver very scalable Data-Driven Solution

August 14, 2009

نوضح في هذه المقاله استخدام ال SSIS  لبناء C# application to get very scalable data-driven solution  و كيفيه ارتباط ال C#  بالـ SSIS

ما هم ال SSIS  ؟؟ كيفيه الحصول عليه ؟؟ وماهي مميزاته؟؟ وفيما يستخدم اكثر؟؟

اولا SSIS  تعني SQL Server Integration Services  وهى احدى منتجات ميكروسوفت ويأتي مع جميع نسخ ال SQL Server  ما عدا ال Express  كان يسمى فيما سبق DTS  لكن SSIS  يعتبر منتج جديد وليس تحديثا من ال DTS

هي اداه قامت ميكروسوفت بتطويره و اخراجه للسوق عام 2007 وتهدف الى نقل البيانات من اكثر من Data Repository  الى Data Repository  اخر مثلا نقل البيانات من ملف نصي، ملف Excel  او قاعاده بيانات SQL or Access  الى جدول في قاعده بيانات في ال SQL Server  دون الحاجه لوجود SQL Server  ولا يجب مصدر البيانات او وصول البيانات SQL Server بأختصار يكمن استخدمها لنقل البيانات من ملف نصي الى قاعده بيانات Oracle تعتبر ال SSIS  اداه ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load)  اي انها تقوم بأخد البيانات من المصادر تحسين البيانات بشكل وتنظيمه وبعد هذا نقلها الى نقطه الوصول.
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