Pilot-View on Microsoft Gemini 1

I’ll take in somehow big series about Microsoft Gemini and its features, I found it great very fast while loading big dataset and also I submit bug once it occurs.

I’ll talk in this post about Load & Prepare Data (From Database) in Microsoft Gemini…

First, you should have Microsoft Excel 2010 Technical Preview (until now 12-9-2009) which in Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview, don’t you know what’s Gemini check this https://ramymahrous.wordpress.com/2009/05/06/what-you-need-to-know-about-gemini/

First, let’s install Gemini as it’s not by default installed on Excel 2010

Gemini2If you download it from Microsoft Connect, it comes with two client versions, x64 and x86 choose which fits your processor architecture.

Gemini1Then it shows on your Excel ribbon menu


Let’s explore it…


Let’s go through loading and preparing data in Gemini


When we press on Load & Prepare Data a new Book of Gemini Client opens to get the data from its sources to be analyzed.


As you see you can load data from database or RSS (Yes!!!) or from Report…. (just a note you can load data from heterogeneous data sources and set\remove the relationships in Gemini and it’s not required to be added before loading) I’ll press on From Database,


and as you see there lots of data sources Gemini can connect to (I don’t install Oracle\Teradata\DB2\Sybase or even Informix) then select Microsoft SQL Server


For demonstration we use AdventureWorksDW



And we select some tables and views to load data from


Don’t search for related tables Gemini gets related tables like SSAS, and it’s the summary…


It loads it quickly about 2 seconds


Those the tables we have selected and ready to be analyzed.

I recommend you to use Gemini and tell your organization about it. It provides Excel users rich functionalities to do analysis with simple clicks in short time.


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