Optimizing Performance in SQL Server® Analysis Services

September 22, 2009

Update. For whom missed it I found it as a post by Carl Rabeler http://sqlcat.com/top10lists/archive/2009/02/24/top-10-performance-and-productivity-reasons-to-use-sql-server-2008-for-your-business-intelligence-solutions.aspx

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Building ASP.NET Reporting OLAP-Based Application Part-3

April 20, 2009

In the previous two posts building the Cube and building the Report, we discovered how BIDS helps in developing BI applications in robust, managed and organized way. I believe if you have few BI concepts you can do this walkthrough in 10 minutes.
Let’s come to the last layer which I see it’s the presentation layer. One question may come to your mind why I build ASP.NET application over Reporting Service? Why I don’t give the end user Reporting Service Server URL. Because of security? NO. Reporting Service Server can manage different types of security which doesn’t put headache on your development team but what if your end user need UI layer say in Silverlight? How can you embed in the Reporting Service. We have ReportViewer Windows\Web control which provides a very rich of functionality to View Reporting Service (Local and Server) Reports. In our walkthrough we use Server Report.
Let’s open our previous solution and add a new ASP.NET web application project: InternetSalesWebsite
Default.aspx page open in source view, switch to Design view. 


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