SSIS insert bulk of data into remote table with trigger

November 4, 2009

hmmm, nice we have SSIS it makes life easier but it usually comes with non-understood problems like

“SQL Server Destination” (2185) failed with error code 0xC0202071 it means when you insert data into table in remote SQL Server don’t use SQL Server Destination component however use OLE DB Destination component, thank you SQL Server Central

Anyway I used OLE DB Destination component and everything went well but I found the trigger which updates something doesn’t fire simply because I do bulk insert and I should tell the BIDS please fire it.

So, right click on OLE DB Destination component then Show Advanced Editor… Component properties FastLoadOptions write FIRE_TRIGGERS

ssis postThank you Piotr Rodak


Loading a Data Warehouse in SSIS

September 8, 2009

Session #20: Loading a Data Warehouse in SSIS

Event: 24 Hours of PASS

Presenter: Brian Knight


Delivering Good Performance Consistently with SSIS

September 8, 2009

Session #1:
Event: 24 hours of PASS

Session #4: Delivering Good Performance Consistently with SSIS

Event: 24 Hours of PASS

Presenter: John Welch


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Text Mining

September 8, 2009

Session #7: Text Mining

Event: 24 Hours of PASS

Presenter: Dejan Sarka


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All about Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

August 16, 2009

Download SQL Server 2008 R2:

What’s new in SQL Server Integration Services: No new features they just fixed some bugs:

What’s new in SQL Server Analysis Services: I didn’t find any information about that!! if you know please drop a link.

What’s new in SQL Server Reporting Services:

Microsoft Gemini: or to know about Microsoft Gemini

A small stand-alone MSI for Report Builder 3.0, August CTP, is now available for download here:

Download packages for SQL Server 2008 R2 August CTP are available here:


Integrating SSIS with C# to deliver very scalable Data-Driven Solution

August 14, 2009

نوضح في هذه المقاله استخدام ال SSIS  لبناء C# application to get very scalable data-driven solution  و كيفيه ارتباط ال C#  بالـ SSIS

ما هم ال SSIS  ؟؟ كيفيه الحصول عليه ؟؟ وماهي مميزاته؟؟ وفيما يستخدم اكثر؟؟

اولا SSIS  تعني SQL Server Integration Services  وهى احدى منتجات ميكروسوفت ويأتي مع جميع نسخ ال SQL Server  ما عدا ال Express  كان يسمى فيما سبق DTS  لكن SSIS  يعتبر منتج جديد وليس تحديثا من ال DTS

هي اداه قامت ميكروسوفت بتطويره و اخراجه للسوق عام 2007 وتهدف الى نقل البيانات من اكثر من Data Repository  الى Data Repository  اخر مثلا نقل البيانات من ملف نصي، ملف Excel  او قاعاده بيانات SQL or Access  الى جدول في قاعده بيانات في ال SQL Server  دون الحاجه لوجود SQL Server  ولا يجب مصدر البيانات او وصول البيانات SQL Server بأختصار يكمن استخدمها لنقل البيانات من ملف نصي الى قاعده بيانات Oracle تعتبر ال SSIS  اداه ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load)  اي انها تقوم بأخد البيانات من المصادر تحسين البيانات بشكل وتنظيمه وبعد هذا نقلها الى نقطه الوصول.
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SSIS Community Tasks and Components

June 22, 2009

If you have strange SSIS task, and you believe you need 3rd party tool could help you to achieve it faster, integrated with BIDS, and open source which you can support its community I found on CodePlex SSIS Community Tasks and Components

This is a community project for developing additional tasks and components for SSIS, and identifying other CodePlex projects that do the same. 34 Connection Managers, Tasks, and Components exist on CodePlex – find them here.