#1 Connectivity to SQL Azure

I’m enjoying the weekend, with Microsoft SQL Server R2 November CTP and its new features from Database engine features to Analysis Services features, Reporting Service features, etc…

I’ll post a series about those features en shaaa ALLAH in the next days, but let’s begin with Database engine features
#1 connectivity to SQL Azure: what’s SQL Azure? is a cloud-based relational database service built on SQL Server® technologies. To learn more about SQL Azure press here

First you need to have Microsoft SQL Server R2 November CTP, get all about it from here and SQL Azure account (I got it from Microsoft Connect)


Open SSMS, and using your Azure account (Server name, username and password) try to login


And if it’s your first time to use SQL Azure you’ll get that


Then you should configure SQL Azure to accept connections from your IP, go to https://ctpportal.database.windows.net/ and select your project or create a new one


Select firewall settings to set your IP allowed to Access SQL Azure


Enter the rule name make it meaningful to be easy for your to manage, IP range, here’s I select my IP I don’t want anyone to access else me


Important note, don’t run to SSMS to login, it just take some minutes from 2-5 minutes to apply changes.


Try now


Congrats, you’re now connected -have problem till now?- please contact me Open new query window, create database, objects using T-SQL… you just need to create your database


Then close this query window to create objects inside “FirstDatabase” database you should refersh server databases and select “FirstDatabase” then new query Window, because USE Database not supported.




4 Responses to #1 Connectivity to SQL Azure

  1. Ahmed Essawy says:

    good post ya Ramy 😉

  2. Ahmed Essawy says:

    does sql azure support backup and restore feature (*.bak) ?

  3. Very short with very big added value.

    Thank you

  4. Ramy Mahrous says:

    You’re welcome buddies..

    As far I know they do it per request and you charged per storage, and till now there’s not native backup methods http://www.brentozar.com/archive/2009/07/sql-azure-pricing-10-for-1gb-100-for-10gb/

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