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  1. Aman says:

    Hi Ramy I was thinking of chatting with you
    When i run a simple code in the Business intelligent solution I get a dialog box asking me tonter user name and password. I am logged on as a administrator
    and I am using windows 2003 server edition.
    I installed ms sql Server 2005 onto it.
    I have tired to configure reports but the MSDn website is in too detail I cant figure out whats going on.
    Can you help me with this.

  2. ramymahrous says:

    Due to some security rules of wordpress, they’d review the above code and once they do it’d be enabled.
    You can talk to me at

  3. Randy says:

    the coding how about the arrangment…
    im really2 newbie, and i need your help for that sori y…
    please help me…..

    public byte[]
    EncryptMyData (byte[] plainData, out byte[] encryptionKey)<– what the mean of this???

    encryptionKey = Guid.NewGuid().ToByteArray();

    int[] scheduledKey = AcedCast5.ScheduleKey(encryptionKey);

    long iv = AcedCast5.GetOrdinaryIV(scheduledKey);

    byte[] result = (byte[])plainData.Clone();

    AcedCast5.EncryptCBC(scheduledKey, result, 0, result.Length, iv);


    return result;

    public byte[] DecryptMyData(byte[] encryptedData, byte[]


    int[] scheduledKey = AcedCast5.ScheduleKey(decryptionKey);

    long iv = AcedCast5.GetOrdinaryIV(scheduledKey);

    byte[] result = (byte[])encryptedData.Clone();

    AcedCast5.DecryptCBC(scheduledKey, result, 0, result.Length, iv);

    return result;

  4. ahmadjad says:

    i want draw 3d in can you help me

  5. sundarivel says:

    Hi friend.i want to prepare oxford dictionay in java or vc++.can u help me.

  6. mohan says:

    Hi i just want to download this course so that i can learn it pls say how to download this course

  7. mohan says:

    Hi i just want to download this course so that i can learn it pls say how to download this course
    Course 50195A:
    Reporting and Business Intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
    how to do this pls say me.

  8. ilokaok says:

    hello sir…can you please tell me the right step in sharing my program to local area network…

    i have my program running on my pc…i want this pc to be the server since the database is saved with this pc…i want this program to be shared…can you please tell me the right steps sir in order for this program run in network…im not that good in visual basic…thank you and hoping for your reply…god bless sir…

  9. Francis says:

    how do you update a presentation whilstit is running?

  10. randa says:

    hi..iam looking for atree control for c# that support arabic…from right to left..

  11. Mohammed says:

    Hi Ramy , i have followed your posts on Daniweb , i am in computer science final year and i need an idea for graduation project

    My Area of expertise is mainly

    1. Java
    2. Php and MySQL
    3. Design patterns and dealing with frameworks
    4. C++

    if possible can you suggest a good web application project???

    Thanks in advance

    • Ramy Mahrous says:

      Dear Mustafa…. I can’t suggest for your an idea as you’re supposed to do that… because the real value in the graduation project is to know how to get the idea which attracts customers and gain money and you can start your own business on.
      Just think in it, look around and see how can you do software for better life for you and the next generations.

      I’ll be very happy to receive your technical questions.

  12. pardhu says:

    sir can u have gmail id?i have some doubts….?please chat with me….

  13. Sathish Mohan says:

    Hi Ramy,

    I am into a project in which i am trying to create an application integrated with SQL Reporting Services to display, reports charts etc based on user rights.

    I appreciate your ideas, suggestions, recommendations and tips.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thanks in advance.


  14. Basmah says:

    Hello , I am just an undergraduate student doing research on OLAP Servers and Normal Reporting Servers.
    Would you please help me in identifying what steps should I follow for doing Cost and Feature based Comparision of different OLAP servers and guide me if there are any open source OLAP servers available that can be integrated with Oracle Database.
    Thank you

    • Ramy Mahrous says:

      To set the budget you’ve to know the size of data, concurrent users, number of times you need to process the cube to update the aggregations etc… and about the Open Source OLAP Server I didn’t use any of but I search and found that
      Open Source ETL I think you can push\pull data into\from any data source to\from any data source (including Oracle Databases)
      The comparison is based on the features of any OLAP server like availability while maintenance, supports multiple OLAP architectures (HOLAP, ROLAP, and MOLAP), cost of license, support from vendor, integration with ETL, repoting tools, etc…

  15. sally says:

    how are you?
    ramdan karim,kol sana we enta tayep
    i was in BI session in fcih,i enjoying it soooo much,and with this topic
    can you guide me,how can i start this career
    courses &books & tools to leaarn well and be qualified to apply to Bi job

    • Ramy Mahrous says:

      Sally, I’m fine l hmdolliah, Allahu akram, Ramadan Mubarak to all of us…
      We’ll start BI training soon (I don’t know when exactly) I hope you attend because such topic better to start it with group not alone.

  16. cristty says:

    I am writing after I saw your intervention on this topic: and I was also looking forward to knowing more about fact and dimension tables.
    Can you please send me the book you were talking about in that post, or others that may be helpful?
    thanks 🙂

  17. ME says:

    I Love U :$

  18. Aya Ahmed says:

    I am Aya Ahmed, I represent a Public Relation(PR) head in the student activity “SUPPORT”.
    Support is a student activity originally founded in the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences at Ain Shams University. We are a non-profit student union that helps many students of Ain Shams University to advance and reach their goals.

    we are going to make a conference in Palestine Hall at Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University on 22-9-2012 and it starts from 10am to 5pm , this day is talking about step to success which helps the youths to reach their goals, how to change their minds to better and how the youth rise our country up.

    We would be honored if you would contribute with us as a speaker at anytime you are free from 10am to 4pm in our conference,

    Thanks in advance,

    I appreciate your time.

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