Optimizing Performance in SQL Server® Analysis Services

Update. For whom missed it I found it as a post by Carl Rabeler http://sqlcat.com/top10lists/archive/2009/02/24/top-10-performance-and-productivity-reasons-to-use-sql-server-2008-for-your-business-intelligence-solutions.aspx

Date: September 23rd, Noon Eastern

Abstract: In this session, you will learn about techniques to optimize processing and query performance in SQL Server Analysis Services. These techniques will include cube design techniques, processing considerations, relational tuning techniques, and MDX tuning options.

Speaker: Carl Rabeler is a member of the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team, with a focus on Microsoft BI. Carl has been working with Microsoft SQL Server and Business Intelligence for over 10 years as a consultant, mentor, writer, speaker and trainer before joining Microsoft in early 2006. Carl has written several SQL Server and Business Intelligence books and numerous technical white papers, has presented at many SQL Server and BI conferences, and has provided mentoring and consulting services for numerous companies around the world.

Location: Online, via Live Meeting https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/usergroups/join?id=September+Live+Meeting&role=attend

Source: AtlantaMDF Group


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